Friday, June 20, 2014

Dennis Hopper Sneaks In

This Week:  Back to the Movies!  More Bread-and-Butter in the Back of the Book; we do very nicely with a Leger, but not enough to quit the day job.  Dennis Hopper!

Even Vogue has to pay the bills - throwing some meager little bones to the advertisers. . . let's move on.

Well, someone was having fun.  First a lot of dresses horizontal, then a lot of dresses vertical.  And there isn't much more to say about them.  Junior ready-to-wear at major department stores, many of which we are already following on Twitter.  $20 watch.  Ho hum.

This week's art -

"$200.00 ($1,635.00) Fernand Leger:  'The Well'; color lithograph.  This 1943 lithograph, second in an edition of seventy-five, is by a French master who died in 1955.  With mat and gold-leaf frame."  New Gallery, which is where we got the Gottlieb, but know nothing else about.

 Well,  here it is, exactly as described in 1959:

Looking very nice indeed and yours for $7,500.00. (Several place online.)

Let's go to the movies!

Oh, my God - they're too young to vote!

*    Non-actors Pat Wayne - son of John - and Yvonne Craig front this oddity that appears to be a public service announcement for the American jury system in comedy (?) drama set in California 1848.

*    Oscar nominee - Best Song - "Strange Is the Way of Love."  Just awful.  Same producer as the terrific North West Territories of the same year.  What happened here?

*   Mexico plays part of California; in an early featured role, Dennis Hopper plays punk gunslinger.   Dennis Hopper is terrific.  It's hard to even watch him in this sludge of mediocrity.

This is free on YouTube - here is the first 15 minutes of it.  I confess that I've paid a good four months' of DVD rental for it to sit in my kitchen until I figured out if I would go on with this.  Shameful.

Dennis Hopper in 1959:

Dennis Hopper at Musso & Frank in 1959, presumably before he was fired from Warner Brothers and took off for New York.

According to the very nice Dennis Hopper website, upon the suggestion of his late friend James Dean, he began taking photos of people on the streets of New York.  A few years back, I saw the Dennis Hopper show at MoCa in Los Angeles and liked it very much.  And if I'm not very much mistaken, I read about it in Vogue.  (I won't go into the Hopper/Vogue axis here; we are sure to run into him again.)  There were a lot of pictures of our friend Jane Fonda, not wearing a hamster fur skirt:  

My favorite Hopper photo:

Hopper selfie:

Next time:  another Western, more art, Italian evening gowns.

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